EatWell’s mission is to make a fresh dinner easier, for better health and a better life. Healthy ingredients and recipes for a tasty meal, home delivered. Issued and reimbursed through existing insurance benefits.
We put good stuff in fun stuff. We take proven ingredients: vitamins, probiotics, fiber, key minerals, and herbs and put them into great-tasting, low-sugar, and low-carb cookies, candies, and beverages.

Healthycell believes in harnessing the power of human potential, charged by the 40 trillion cells that make us, with patent-pending MICROGEL™ technology. Nutrients you can absorb. Results you can measure. A pill-free experience you’ll love.

Micronutrients and fibers that deliver life-changing results. Healright is the Health From WithinTM link between diet and long term health.

Clinical nutrition backed by science and designed to make you feel better and live healthier.

Advanced Micronutrition unites companies committed to increasing the use of food as medicine.

From insurance-reimbursed whole food kits to scientifically-developed and clinically-tested products with positive outcomes, this innovative suite of companies provides evidence-based nutrition for all life and health stages.

About Us

KEEN Growth Capital is an investment fund focused on transformative health and well-being by replacing ineffective or harmful products with healthy foods, functional foods, evidence-based food as medicine and emergent food technologies.

Advanced Micronutrition is a Keen Growth Capital portfolio company dedicated to evidence-based nutrition that supports solutions for acute and chronic ailment management by bridging the gap between prescription medications and traditional supplements. Advanced Micronutrition serves as a platform to unite food as medicine companies backed by science.

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